Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Families - I hope you enjoyed your spring break, I know it was very rewarding for me to spend time with my family, and I feel blessed!

Just a few reminders --

No class this week, Thursday, 4/17.  The church is closed, and it is the eve of Good Friday.

We will resume classes NEXT week 4/24 - which will be week 4.

Have you had a chance to sell School House Rock Tickets?  I can't wait to see the numbers this week for our weekly ticket contest!

Also - in case you were wondering  -  the Season announcement dessert has been postponed to allow more time to finish up details of  new season (I am so excited to hear about plans for the upcoming year - aren't you?)    The Letter writing prize drawings will still be announced on  May 3rd - be sure to watch Facebook!