Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Class reminders and Sunshine

I hope you are enjoying this great weather we are blessed with this week!  Just a reminder that the Journey Dress Code still applies .... I've attached it here for your reference .... just in case you have questions about what to wear to class tomorrow.  

We encourage all students to wear modest, neat, clean and age-appropriate clothing. To
reflect a consistent image to those around us, please observe the No Bare Zone.

The shaded portions of this figure represent front and back
views. These parts of the body must be covered (in all
positions e.g., sitting, standing, bending, reaching) while
attending Journey.

• No cleavage or under-garments showing.
• Skirt, shorts, or dress length mid-thigh.
• Footwear must be worn at all times appropriate
to activity.
• Messages or slogans that are anti-Christian or
inappropriate for children (i.e. alcohol, drugs,
gang-related, etc.).
• Tight fitting or low-cut clothing.
• Overly baggy clothing.

Parents will be notified of needed corrections to Journey attire. Only students
who observe the dress code will be allowed to participate in Journey activities.
Others will be asked to sit out until they are wearing appropriate clothes.
Thank you for your help in this area.